We all have a responsibility to make the lives of our families, communities, and the world we can reach a better place. I have focused and continue to focus on companies and projects that provide real value for our customers and society at large.

Information, data sciences, and communications have powered massive advances in medicine, knowledge, education, and general quality of life, however as the complexity and amount of content expands exponentially, we need tools that can assist us. Information technologies that work for tech and non-tech people alike. Tools that help us find the right content, get it, use it, share it, track it, leverage it, and keep it up to date so that the right information gets to the right people. I founded and funded Skywriter for this purpose. Skywriter is uniquely powerful in that it leverages the content that you have, where it already exists, and lets you use it across your broad network of reach to create value. http://www.skywriter.com

In addition to serving as a public company President / COO at MIPS, GM at Intel, VP/GM at Parthus Technologies, I have also led six companies as CEO and assisted a couple dozen more as an interim CXX, board member, or advisor. I have led three to successful acquisition as CEO and assisted five additional companies that have been acquired. Companies were acquired by Parthus Technologies, Intel Corporation, ARM, Grid Dynamics, Kemet, NetApp, Qualcomm, and VMWare.

I currently mentor and advise several university entrepreneurship groups including California system, Iowa State, and the Yale Entrepreneurship Initiative. I also advise several “commercial” venture groups in telecom, automotive, and on a demand basis any other number of venture and corporate venture groups.