Advanced Energy Asset Inventory

taebc-inventory-coverTennessee’s Advanced Energy Asset Inventory is the first document of its kind dedicated to promoting the use of advanced energy technologies and assisting the development of Tennessee businesses in the emerging advanced energy sector. Produced by the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, the inventory is a product for the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative’s online resource center, a public-private partnership that includes the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Pathway Lending and the U.S. Department of Energy. We are grateful for the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative’s support of this project.

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council was created to champion advanced energy technologies and, through the adoption of these technologies, contribute to the growth of the state’s economy.  The Council does not endorse specific technologies.  Rather, through efforts to educate public officials and business leaders about a growing volume of Tennessee’s advanced energy assets, the Council seeks to lay the foundation for partnerships that link these assets with opportunities to incorporate an array of new technologies, lower energy costs, and in the process generate new companies and new jobs for the state’s advanced energy sector.

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Asset Inventory is a snapshot of assets that by their nature can change rapidly in response to innovations and market forces. This first edition focuses upon assets related to Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.  The inventory contains an extensive, but not exhaustive, overview of advanced energy assets that together reflect an economic sector that has witnessed substantial growth in Tennessee over the last decade. In addition to established companies, these assets include cutting-edge research and development that, when linked with a variety of entities dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn innovations into companies, offer what promises to be an exciting future for Tennessee’s advanced energy economy.

In much the same way that today’s energy economy would have been difficult to envision a decade ago, we are limited in our ability to predict the road that lies ahead.  New technologies such as battery storage and carbon fiber are but two of the advanced energy technologies that lie just over the horizon with the potential to play a lasting role in the state’s economic development.  With these and other technologies in mind, we hope that this asset inventory will be only the first of more to come.

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